I've been playing guitar for almost three years now. When I first started I didn't learn anyone else's songs or take lessons. At this point I've gotten really fast and can come up with some good licks and fast solo's but I'm realizing that I never taught myself the basics so it's hard for me to even write something in 4/4. My playing might sound good but it doesn't make sense musically. Any suggestions or songs I can learn to help with that?
Yeah but I'm not writing in four four. Don't get me wrong I can write something in 4/4 but I have to lay out a riff and usually shorten it up somehow because I can improv a riff real quick, count it out but realize it's in six or seven sometimes five. I have a hard time keeping it in four. I know other time sigs. are okay but it's more practical to do 4 and maybe change time later in the song. It just makes it easier in a band setting to play in 4.
The only problem is that I don't "feel" the 4 like I should. When I improv a riff I usually am in five six or seven.
music is music man. do not let mental constructs on how things "should" be sway your musical creations.
if it sounds good why does it matter if it is "musically correct" or constructed in the "right" time. Play what sounds good not what looks good.
Theory is a bunch of guidelines, not rules. If it sounds good and people like it, why change it just to fit orthodox methods? It's your music, play how you want.