Hello pit monkeys,

I just bought a Randall V2 Ninja off eBay but it was shipped accidentally without a power cord. Is it safe to use a cord from another amplifier to test it out? Should i wait for them to ship me a power wire? I have another half stack but i'm not sure if the wire is compatible since the Ninja is 280W and my other one is 120 Solid state watts.

I'm confused. Can you guys help me out?
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power cords are all the same, you can use it

No they aren't

There are many different types, hard to explain...but you need a certain voltage or something
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I actually didn't know there are several types of power cords .. but I don't believe this is the forum for this
I read the title as "amplifier power chords"
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It should be fine. It's like computers and their power supplies.
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If you have another one, it shouldn't be a problem. But you could just call them and ask them first, just to be safe.