Right, I am currently running an Nvidia 6600gt PCI-e graphics card. I do a lot of graphics work mainly using maya, after effects and the odd piece of other software, and have never had any major problems with it.

When it comes to gaming I mainly play Counter-Strike: Source.

Recently I have obtained versions of Rollercoaster tycoon 3 and Call of duty 4 and there is a major problem with both games. About 5 minutes into playing either of them I get flickers of green/purple polygons that start every so often, and build up until the screen is full of them. When the screen becomes full of them the computer freezes.

I've searched google for any other people with this problem, but to no avail.

Help please.


I don't think the 6600GT is gonna run CoD:4. It's not exactly the best graphics card, is it?

I'd suggest overclocking it a little. There's a bunch of guides on how to do it.
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you should get the 5734973493RQ67EWFUM627-19 model. its much better
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I don't think the 6600GT is gonna run CoD:4. It's not exactly the best graphics card, is it?

I'd suggest overclocking it a little. There's a bunch of guides on how to do it.

My 6150 ran CoD4 at about 20 fps
I got a new one tho

As for you TS, get a new graphics card.

OR update drivers and turn down settings.
I think those polygons are called artifacts, if I'm not mistaken.

Maybe that'll help your Google searches.
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Yea I was about to say it sounds like artifacts, but I thought those only came from damaged or overheated cards? Try updating your drivers and stuff to the most recent available
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Also, do the flickers and odd polygons stay in their place on the game's map, or do they stay in one place on the screen?
Stay on map= probably a driver issue
Stay on screen= probably video card issue, could be FRIZZLING
Wow that sounds unusual. All I can say is you may need a new card, cause most of the usual, fixable issues are relatively easy to diagnose. Stuff like crash to desktops, computer restarting, error messages, and freezes. But from my -limited- experience, green/purple aberrations are NOT good. If you have another card lying around, like maybe the one you upgraded from, try playing the games on low settings (so the old card can handle them) and see if you get the same problem.
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Are your graphics cards drives up to date?
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I'm beginning to guess it is the drivers. When I play Call of Duty 4 on the highest settings (which I get decent FPS on) I occasionally flickering objects of neon colors (GRASS IS NEON YELLOW? FLOOR TURNS BLACK? GUNS ARE NEON RED?!)
So it is most likely a driver error. That is why the games crash is because not all the video drivers are functioning correctly, so the game isn't powered as well as it could be, resulting in a crash.
I have updated drivers for both my graphics card, and my motherboard, specs on the game are down to their absolute lowest. The specs on the game say that the 6600 is the minimum required.


That being said, your card might be overheating. Download Nvidia's N-tune monitor program and check the temperature of your card during gameplay. Also, what are the rest of the specs of your system?