Hello, Ive been playing for 2 years so far. The first year and half where dedicated purely to rhythm and classical guitar, Those past 6 months since i got my first electric where more oriented towards soloing and riffs.

i remember when i started with the electric, it was all new for me it was kinda hard, but after 6 months i learned basic tapping, bends, alt picking, scales, improvisation, some moderate solos, all good.

But in this past 2 months in terms of speed i havent gained the slightest bit, I remember starting doing scales and chromatics's of a tempo 70 at 16th and building my way to 110 in 4 months, but in the last 2 months it was cero improvement while the rest of techniques where getting better. i just cant find the way to make myself to play faster, i play 2-3 hours per day and i tired focusing those 3 hours on exercises and it dint help. I triend entire week of exercises to finish the week playing at 115, then went to the beach for 3 days, came back and back to 110. My problem is not picking, since i can alt pretty decent, i can play neat and clean songs such misirlou and stratosphere open string lick, (not the scale).

Can i have any suggestion on how to get faster?, my goal ain't playing lighting like a shredder, just to achieve a pretty decent fast speed so i can play the solos i like without big issue. Speed is the only thing that keeping me behind. I think my problem is oriented on the exercises i play, it just chromatics, string skipping and scales up and down all along.

Sorry for the long post, i tried my best to explain my issue. Also sorry if theres some English mistakes... Thank you for your time
If you want to be able to play some fast solos, don't waste your time doing exercises, practice playing the solo.
You may not be getting faster but I bet you're way more accurate than you were. That's probably why you think you're not getting faster. You CAN play faster but just not as accurately when you do right? Just keep practicing it faster and eventually that accuracy will come. Don't worry about it either. Stress is not good for rocking
Don't forget to take a day or two off to let your hand rest. I find after a few good days of exercising and a day off, my hand is in pretty good shape.

Also, just learn the solos you want to. Play them slow and eventually you'll be able to play them so well, that you can play them faster.

Lastly, sometimes you hit a plateau but usually you come out of it will a burst of more skill and speed.
Just forget it, it's not important and it's not a particularly constructive goal to have. Nobody cares what BPM you can play exercises at and neither should you. That's not what the guitar is about and I doubt it's the reason you started playing.

As others have said, spend more time learning to play actual music and less time playing exercises - if there's a particular piece you want to be able to play faster then it's far more beneficial to practice the piece itself. Speed takes a long, long time to develop, chances are you won't notice any significant improvement in just 2 months. Concentrate on playing accurately, if you do that then your speed will develop naturally over time. Trying to play faster doesn't work, you can't force speed like that. If you do all that happens is you screw up and compromise accuracy for speed, which essentially means you learn things wrong. And trust me, it's a damn sight harder to re-learn something that you learned wrong than it is to learn it properly in the first place.
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just try to learn something that forces you to get fast. some random day say "i want to play arpegios from hell by malmsteen and i also want to play some other random difficult song" and practice that. you are practicing withput a very marked goal.

what's with all the ''don't do exercises'' comments? I do a lot of exercises and I'm pretty sure they helped tremendously with my finger strength and picking speed. I mean, of course if you want to learn to play a solo go play a solo but exercises are pretty good for developing your technique I'd say.
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what's with all the ''don't do exercises'' comments?

I am not against exercises. Legato ones are very helpful for me. I think the point people are trying to make is: Don't feel like exercises are the only way to improve your playing, playing actual songs can be just as helpful.