Hey Everyone,
I am trying to figure out two songs by the Cure. I don't know if anyone has the time to tab these songs for me but if you do I would really appreciate it!

I have included a youtube link to each of the songs. They are all BSides so they are a little tough to find...

The Cure - Waiting
This song is really cool and has a very melodic dreamy feel to it, Probably because Robert wrote it about a dream of his childhood home. There is a cool solo in it at 1:39. Nothing crazy but I can't figure it out! lol, its probably really easy and im just retarded.

The Cure - Why can't I be me?
This is a another B-Side. This song is like part 2 of Why Can't I be you? off the kiss me album, circa 87. bunch of diffrent guitar parts in it as well.

The Cure - The Big hand
Cool guitar intro and throughout whole song, badass solo at 2:48.

I have been trying to figure out these songs for a while, any help you can give me is very appreciated, thanks alot!!