Acoustic Bass

Ok. I’m just gathering information right now for a future project. I have no idea when I’ll be able to build up sufficient funds for this, but I want an idea of the price-range I’ll be looking at. Work is NOT an issue. Beauty is not a MAJOR issue. I want an acoustic bass with a gorgeous SOUND. I want to know all the little tricks and tips to making this thing sound absolutely amazing. Again, I have all the time the time in the world, and would be willing to work on this tediously for as long as I need… I just need to know how to make it sound right. Any tutorials or website links would be MAJORLY appreciated. I will probably be going with a pre-made fret board to save some money. I don’t want to have to buy the materials to fret a fingerboard when I can buy one cheap.

Unique shapes are encouraged!

Any suggestions on wood, where to get it, parts, tutorials, visual effects, or bracing techniques? Bring them on! Please! Like I said, I want to gather as much information through this as humanly possible. I also kinda want to make it looked aged. Like, the wood. How do you do that? I mean. Obviously, I’ll stain it heavily and make it pretty dark. That’ll be pretty good.

How do you put in simple inlays? Like a > shape. You know those things on the shoulders of military uniforms? The things generals and such have? I might wanna use that as an inlay. I might not. I might want to use something else. Point is, I want to keep it simple… very simple. Probably just something at the 12th or 13th fret.
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