How would you compare them to other Marshall clones, like Germino, Splawn and Metro amps?

I'm speaking of their 18 watt TMB and JTM-45 clones.
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I've heard good things, but dont know firsthand
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someone posted the exact same question in a thread a week or two back. But anyways, Ceriatone amps sound really great. Their Marshall clones are spot on, and cost less than their vintage counterparts, making them great buys. Their low watt marshalls, high watt marshalls, fender clones, matchless clones, etc all are great. Just keep in mind the 100+ bucks shippin from Kuala Limpuir. :-p
I expect to buy an OverTone Special sometime in the next 5-10 years. Or maybe a Trainwreck clone.
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yes there marshall clones are VERY good. They make marshalls better than marshall makes marshalls now days
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