Hey all, I've got a really good start to what I can do with guitars but I'd just like to pick up a book or books that could teach me somethings. Not a Guitar for Dummies book, but something that has something you could take away from it. A long time ago I saw a thread on here and somebody had recommended a book, but I can't remember for the life of me, so that's what inspired this thread. So basically any books that could advance me as a player or helped/inspired you??
i recently started playing guitar and I wanted something to teach how to play but had some lasting value and i also wanted something that could teach some theory. i got these and am very happy with my purchase, #1 and #2 on amazon:

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Complete Edition(Books 1,2,3 and CD's)
Fretboard Workbook

Worth looking into, Good luck.
Fretboard workbook

It's good for basics, but I didn't really see what all the great amazon reviews were all about. It's nothing special.

Chord Chemistry is a necessary book, and "the Advancing Guitarist" is also a great one, though you will need to know a lot about theory to understand it

EDIT: Does anybody know if that Rock House thing is any good?
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Thanks for all the replies, "The Advancing Guitarist" is just the book I was thinklng of.
I can read music and understand basic theory, just not some of the more advanced stuff.