Hey everyone,

I'm looking for the following things:

-noice suppressor
-humbuckers for my strat
-dirt cheap guitar that I would be able to mess around with and mod
-mrx phase 90
-digitech whammy
I have recreated a Mattocaster with Kaoss Pad built into the body. If you would be interested in having this mod done to your guitar, let me know!
I'll sell you my MXR smart gate for 90 shipped. In immaculate condition. I just got it a while ago and figured out that I no longer want my 5150 (Basically noise monster), so yeah.
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check my sig for a humbucker for a strat
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
i have a jackson for sale that i can part with for 150 shipped
I've got a black Jackson copy with Carvin humbuckers in it that I can let go for $140



I'll sell you a MXR Noise Gate for 75 shipped.
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