Hey, I currently have an Ibanez Toneblaster 50w amp, and I was wondering, what would it be worth used, if I were to sell it to, say, Guitar Center? I'm not advertising my amp, and trust me, I would head down to guitar center and check for myself, but the closest one is about an hour away, so if you can save me some time, that'd be great.

Anyway, the whole point of this would be to get a replacement amp that is about the same size. Eventually I'm going to get a halfstack, but for now, I was looking into some valve combos, and I saw the Peavey VK 212 amp. It sounded great, was a much better value, and I was immediately sold. Anyway, do you know if music stores would be able to, say, buy my old amp off me, then I pay the difference needed to buy the new amp? again, I'm sorry I have to ask, but the closest guitar center is far away. Thanks
I think selling it on your local craigslist would get you more cash. They're not worth too much.
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Dont sell it to guitar center, you might get like $20 at the most use craigslist or put a ad in the newspaper or something.
alright, I think I'll try the craigslist route then...worse comes to worse, I could sell it to one of my friends. Oh, and I've found that they make better paperweights
^But then you have to go through the trouble of taking it apart.
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If you can afford the VK 212, you could step up to some nicer amps, not saying the VK is bad, I love my 112, great price too.
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