most of you have probably seen this, i know i've seen it a few times. but this time i was thinking and realized something.

correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't the occasion for that concert something to do with a gibson anniversary? i just find it ironic and funny that hendrix was primarily a fender guy and they did that at a gibson gig with all gibson instruments.

im just saying its ironic, not a bad thing. it just goes to show that it doesnt matter what kind of guitar you play, if it works for you you can get any sound out of it.
^ And an SG.

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EDIT: Did Zakk shave his beard?

The video is from when he was younger, and hadn't fully commited to the cliché biker image he has today.
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Jimi had a Flying V also.

EDIT: Did Zakk shave his beard?

hence the primarily part. and im not sure about his beard.