Hey i just recently got a bass and I already have a guitar. I have an amp and i was wondering if there is any way i can have both of them plugged in to the amp at once?
do i need anything to do tht?
If the amp has 2 inputs it works, but will sound utterly horrible. They need different EQ, speakers, etc and won't sound good coming out of the same speaker. Don't turn it up too much or you might damage the speaker.
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cant u use a mixer cuz i heard something about7 tht

If the mixer has separate EQs for each channel it sounds only a little better. 90% of tone comes from the amp and guitar and bass amps have different tones. Try it but don't turn it up too much or you might blow out the speaker.
just buy a second amp. seriously, like if you want the bass clean and the guitar distorted, you'd need two amps.
A guitar amp speaker isnt really built to withstand the low frequencies of a bass. up too loud, and the voice coil melts. wait, is it a guitar or Bass amp? well, anyway, an old bandmate of mine plugged me into his Fender dual-input Princeton Chorus, and when we both played clean, it sounded acceptable at best, but distorted, the sound was jacked. not recommended.

what is your intended use of this amp?
you need an aby box. i recommend the morley. simple two cables from guitars into box and one cable out to amp. if u want different sounds so it'll sound acceptable u can get a pedal for either guitar or bass and work around that.

overall getting another amp would be your best bet. u can probably get one cheaper than a pedal too if you really wanna play both and still have a good sound.
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