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The last CD I bought was Professor Satchifunkilus and the Musterion of Rock.

Great album and a refreshing change from Satch's older style, even though his older albums are still superior.

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I didn't buy a CD but I bought the album Help! on vynil. It's a little scratched, but I do need a new needle anyways....

This album is not The Beatles best, but its still very cool.

The Day Music Died - Beneath the Sky. Unusually boring metalcore. 5/10
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T Rex- Electric Warrior 9/10, some really great songs, even the bad ones are good. And it is the first T Rex I have heard other than Get It On.

Screaming Trees- Sweet Oblivion 6/10 Grunge really isn't my thing I bought the CD 'cuz it was cheap (3.00$ ((its used))) it's ok.
Gorillaz - Demon Days

8/10 even though its no where near as good as their self titled
Viva la Vida - Coldplay.
Oh, and don't bother complaining; I'm aware most of you think the band is idiotic and horrible. So do I, usually. But this CD is good.

Indestructible - Disturbed.
It wasn't as I hoped it would be.
I'm not sure what the last record I got was. I've not bought many lately. The new Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan (isn't as good as the last one), Smile by Boris (totally amazing) and Punk Rock Guilt by Brant Bjork (alright, but any of his previous albums are better)
Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles 10/10

Great album.
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Rust in peace - megadeth: 9/10

One of the BEST heavy metal records ever made.
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Origin - Antithesis

Awesome tech death. Inhumane blasting/sweeping, and some orgasm inducing bass riffs, not to mention solid growls. Still it looses a couple points for lack of originality (which is expected of technical death metal) so I give it a 8/10
last cd i bought? Weezer-Red Album

id give it a 7.5/10

last i downloaded (illegally)?

Coldplay-Viva la Vida

id give it a 8/10. i never really listened to Coldplay before, but when i heard the song Viva la Vida, i loved it. so i downloaded the new album, and im really liking it. im going to have to look into their older albums now.
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Coldplay-Viva la Vida

id give it a 8/10. i never really listened to Coldplay before, but when i heard the song Viva la Vida, i loved it. so i downloaded the new album, and im really liking it. im going to have to look into their older albums now.

+1, I heard the song Viva la Vida, the single and saw them perform on the daily show and realized the album must be good. It is rather great actually. I had one of their older albums that I got from a friend though and I thought it sucked.
Somewhere Back In Time-Iron Maiden.

9/10 simply awesome.

Just like Maiden.
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10 Years - Division 8.5/10

Though not as great as their other stuff it definetly holds its own with improved guitar work and more varied songs. A great buy imo.
Spock's Beard - Feel Euphoria
good prog rock album 8/10
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I bought John Mayer's "Room for Squares". I'd give it a 7 or 8.

I think Room For Squares is my favorite John Mayer CD actually.
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Human clay-creed. (Bought it used for $2.00) never really listened to creed, but I love this cd. 10/10

I know musical taste is subjective but....



The Atomic Bitchwax - 4

I simply cannot take this god-awful place anymore. Goodbye to all the good people here. The rest can fuck off.

Nostradamus-Judas Priest
6.5/10 not bad but i was expecting a hell of a lot more seeing how i love angel of retribution
The most recent thing was some Sigur Rós, but I have not gotten around to listening to it yet.

The album before that would be De-Loused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta. It gets a 10/10.
The next three albums I will buy will be Dark Side of the Moon, OK Computer, and Hail to the Thief, which are also the last three albums I downloaded illegally. All three are amazing, 10/10.

The last album I got from iTunes was In Rainbows. 10/10 also. Mainly because of the song Bodysnatchers, which I listen to almost daily.
Any Mars Volta fans? I bought "Bedlam in Goliath" yesterday, it's pretty out there, but I like how evil it feels and the story behind it. I am pretty unfamiliar with the rest of the Mars Volta, I know "the Widow" from Frances the Mute and that's it. It gets a 7/10 from me.
Operation Mindcrime - Queensryche

8/10. Vocals aren't exactly my style, but it's a great rock opera nonetheless.
Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

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Watershed - Opeth (7/10)
Ghost Reveries - .... (9/10)
Nostradamus - Judas Priest (7/10)
Presence - Led Zeppelin (8/10)
The Fall of Ideals - All That Remains (8/10)
What's Inside - Everlong (7/10)
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bought on the same day:

Under0ath - Survive Kaleidescope 10/10, great cd

Circa Survive - On Letting Go 8/10, it could have been better. There were a few good ones however like: In the morning amazing, and semi constructive critisism. Oh and there best song The only difference....
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Johnny Winter - The Progressive Blues Experiment. 10/10. Great album.
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Dream Theater - Images & Words

its ****ing brilliant
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