I'm trying to put a Seymour Duncan invader i just bought into my ESP kh-202, it had dual emg-81's in it, im replacing the bridge pickup with the duncan, the issue is the emg was active, the duncans passive...ive spliced the wires and connected them as well as i could using the wiring diagram, and when i plugged in i had my full distortion channel going but i got a weak clean sound, the sound from my neck pickup was normal. does anyone know where i could have gone wrong? i have the black wire in the pickup connected to the red power wire from the guitar and it seems to be flowing right, so i switched the other two connections and got an extremely weak signal...any help would be amazing, thank you!
oh, okay, so you're saying i should buy another passive pickup and my wiring issue sounds like it should be solved?
ok thanks a lot man, much appreciated...probably gonna pick up the pearly gates tomorrow.
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I would return the Invader, if I were you, while you're at it. They're a fairly muddy and poor pickup.


and get a JB for the bridge, and a 59 for the neck
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