So i was playing my strat today and when i turned the volume down to clean up the sound(and when turning it up) it made a weird scratching sound. So i wondered if it was just from the distortion so i turned on the clean channel and it still made the scratchy sound. Has this ever happened to anybody? And does anybody know what is causing this? Its not real noticeable on the clean but its real loud with distortion.

Thanks in advance.
like nails on a chalk board sound?
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check the instrument cable, that happened when i used my old friend's amp and cable, i i still dont know what causes it, but after i just made sure everything was plugged in perfectly it would go away, but as soon as the cable moved a little bit it would go back to screeching.....
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most likely dust in your volume pot

is that an easy fix? or would i have to take it to a tech?
Bump, I've got a tone knob on a guitar that's doing the same thing.
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so is it an easy fix?

I think you just need to buy some contact cleaner.
Can anybody give me some directions on how to do it? will i have to take the pick guard off and whatnot?
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Can anybody give me some directions on how to do it? will i have to take the pick guard off and whatnot?

turning the volume on and off really fast repeatedly works for me, but you might have to take off the back cover and use that air in a can stuff and clean it.
do you think like dusting out the back or like using compressed air or something would work?
It could be as easy as sitting there for 5 minutes and turning it a lot, on the other hand it could require you changing the pot eventually. I'd try turning it and the next port of call would be getting some contact cleaner on it, I can't see a can of it costing you more than $5.
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