A little short story.

sweet dripping
elixer of life
shining with a hue
of golden amber
by the freshness
of an early autum sunrise
This was the sauce,
of one particular creature
The perfect one and only
Every cherished day
the Bee spent and toiled
for his one absolute
He'd take it out
for little picnics
dance in the heavens with her shimmering face
oh how he loved his honey!
how she warmed his heart,
so much to make his heart twit like his wings.
One eve they sat in the field of flowers
telling each other
"You're so sweet" and the honey would smile
"No, you're sweeter dear"
How perfect they felt. Like nothing else ever existed
Then there was the boy.
he came rummaging in bouncing along
a fierce creature,
he spied something sweet
I'll bet this will be a neat treat he thought
swiping it up and running off in glee
he left the bee.
Frantically he tried
he tried to pursue the boy
but his fleeting little wings weren't enough
his little heart was rupturing with effort
as the clouds darkened
the bee cried out,
There were no words,
for none could articulate the grief of loss
a gnashing and cry so sorrowfull
And someone must have felt the same before also
because then God started crying too.
you couldn't tell if the bee was drowning in his own tears,
the rain, or the well of suffering and emptyness inside.
The next morn, the bee was still there
lying in a puddle
not thinking not feeling.
Out of the corner of his eye
there he was,
the boy.
Something happened
that well of emptyness inside the bee began filing up
Yes! This is what I must do now!
He rose up, riding the well of rage and remorse
and took flight
He made sure his aim was true
and he struck
the stinger sank into the boy.
A terrible scream awoke from the child
and the bee fell away
as he was falling, dieing
he thought
for you,
my sweet honey.
The boy ran inside crying to his mother
"Johnny, what is it?"
"Momma!! A stupid bug stung me!!"

Love the Low end