wat genre u play
what do u already have
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a new amp. try to find a new tube amp for around $350. or maybe an even better one used for that much. If you have a wah and the EVH Phase 90. your best bet is to go for a nice tube amp.
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i took a look at your gear in your profile get a new amp. maybe you should save a little more and get a nice tube combo. $300 will get you a tube amp but im guessing you play metal and a tube amp with a decent amount of gain will cost a little more.
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I would use it to whatever you think you need most...

...which is what?

Exactly. This is like posting a thread to ask if a size 32-30 pair of pants fits you. How the hell should we know?
well i knew it was a pretty hard question to answer. i play metal, and i have a crybaby from hell, mt-2 metalzone pedal, and an evh phase 90. i guess if you guys have gear that you really like and think someone else would like it too, just recommend it to me. oh and i have a marshall mg-30. i knoow, they suck
well i guess ill sell my marshall and go for a new amp. what is a good metal tube amp?
Cube 60.

Not tube, but if you play metal and you're on a budget, the Cube is great.
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ok. well i guess if i sell my marshall ill have about $500 for a new amp. any suggestions? i like jake e lees tone, and michael amotts tone a lot.
Quote by darkarbiter7
Cube 60.

Not tube, but if you play metal and you're on a budget, the Cube is great.

A great suggestion, with a great reason to buy it.
Yeah, i would say either a Roland Cube or a Vox Valvetronix.

If you want to do metal and want a new amp you can also look at the Peavey Valveking.

Can you buy used?
Do you play anything outside of metal?
Do you play with a drummer or gig?

there are other amps especially if you can go used.
Cube 60 is not a bad idea. You can get a wide range of sounds from it and none of them really sound bad.