Rhythm is an energy that can pass through anything. When it passes through our body and soul we can't help but move with it. It is a clock keeping time. When we can capture a rhythm and groove on it we call that music. It is all around us, but only musicians can hear it.

You're probably asking yourself why musicians are the only ones who can hear it. Well...they are the only ones listening for it.
Yeah but then again Kirk is a lead Guitarist and a lot of Lead Guitarist cant play tricky rhythms. I have met so many people that can shred like crazy yet cant do a some what tricky guitar rhythm
yeah one of the most annoying things is a guitar player that cant play rhythm and all they can do is solo. If I jam with someone like that its so frustrating cuz im stuck playing rhythm and chords cuz they cant.
Yup its a bad thing. Learning rhythm makes your leads better. And your songs better too. I mean look at M.A.B. All his **** sucks its just real fast
I hate to be an ass, but this isn't the right place for this....I don't even know if this would fit in with techniques

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