Does anyone on here own, or have they played through, VHT cabs? I was perusing some local used items and came across a VHT Fat Bottom cab at a store for less than the price of my Mesa 2x12, and i though; damn, VHT makes good stuff, right? I wonder how good their cabs are?

So; are VHT cabs good? While i don't have the dough right now to get it, the cab itself has been at this store for well over a year, so I'm positive it's not going anywhere for a few months. I was thinking after getting a new guitar that I would get a 4x12 to help move some more air with my Mesa, and the VHT seemed like a nice option. Thoughts?

edit: btw, i forgot to mention it's the 4x12 fat bottom cab
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awsome cabs, p50 speakers ftw
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Great sounding cabs.

However, the P50s, I feel, sound best with a VHT and leave something to be desired in anything else. I've never tried the 2x12s though, so it might be a different story.

Try it out!
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yea, I planned to try it out since I'm used to hearing my Mesa through Celestions and the VHT has Eminence speakers. From what i hear, the P50s sounds really good. Alright, cool, just wanted to know if anyone though they were good. Thanks.