is this normal for the whammy bar on fender squier to be this high im afraid tighten it in more cause the tension gets really high and im afraid its gonna snap, or is this normal?
that looks insanely high....get that checked out. At least it looks insanely high to me.....
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it is insanely high idk why its that way and is it supposed to take much effort well not that much to push down?
i had a squier whammy bar snap off in the hole...they're pretty useless. well, atleast mine anyways.
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Quote by Ghold125
How many springs you got in it?

what a dumb question lol, springs aren't gonna affect the height of the bar... and it doesn't look THAT high... just heat it up on your stove burner for like 15-20 minutes, then get oven mitts and bend that sucker, so its lower, like re-shape the bar...


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Quote by JackAttackhaha
three why?

that won't affect the height, just reshape the bar if its too high

EDIT: i just screwed my whammy in, and yours is double the height
05' G&L S-500
95' Godin LGX

96' Yamaha APX 6-A

Peavey Classic 30
Maxon OD808
yeah why the hell would it be double the height it doesnt make sense

i took out one of the springs and like i thought it made it easier to use the whammy it doesnt affect the sound does it?