Rented it for my family movie night thing. And i'll just say I'm very upset. I listened to review after review of how bad this movie was. I tossed it all away thinking that for some reason it just wouldnt be very bad and I would like it.

But nope. it was bad. But it wasnt just one of those bad movies that you laugh at. It pisses me off because it had the potential to be good. I dont really wanna sit here and analyze it, but im just very upset. Maybe they'll pull a Hulk/The Incredible Hulk thing and remake it in a year or two. Because this just wasnt very good. But i just REALLY wanted it to be, you know? This story just had the potential to be brought out so good.

I dont know so i guess just discuss differant plot holes, bad acting and such.

Also, if anybody has read it, should I read a book? Would it maybe win it back for me?
Hayden Christensen... that's where the 'bad acting' portion of the negative attributes comes from.
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Even Samuel L. Jackson couldn't save this one.
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I watched it a few days ago, and I thought it was alright.
It was average, the story moved along far too fast. Like it jumps 18 years without showing you any of it and the chick accepts that he can jump too quickly. If they make a sequal I hope its better.

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The story line just wasnt developed right either. They should have given more backstory about the war.

Also, it wasnt just the acting, none of the characters meshed well. every differant relationship between two differant charecters just wasnt right.
Soooooooooooooooooo many plot holes. For some reason, everybody is psychic, too. Main character learns jargon without ever hearing it, Griffin and paladins use the same technical terms. ect.
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I actually loved that movie... i watched it a few days ago. I was expecting it to suck but my dad rented it so i was just like w/e. The story was a little confusing at times but i got really into it
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