i went to the audacity thread, but no one replied.

basically could i convert the audacity file into an mp3 or do some type or rendering so that i can upload songs on to myspace? i've used acid pro in the past and they had an option that said "render as" and it would just change the format to different file types. so does audacity have anything like that?

just needed a quick answer. thanks in advance
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theres a little file i think
i forgot the name of it ill check right now and add it in the edit

u gotta get lame or something like that to convert to mp3 to put it on myspace
go to the audacity site aagin and download the LAME MP3 encoder. Install it to the plugins folder for audacity and then load up your song.

File - Export as MP3

it will ask you to locate that new encoder file and once you do it should pop some boxes up so you can encode the info for the song.
Yeah, first download lame.dll (just search for it, its pretty easy to find) and know where you downloaded it. Then Audacity has an option that I believe is "Export to MP3" or something like that. It's in the "File" menu. Anyways, once you select that, it will ask you to locate lame.dll, so just browse for it and select it. Thats really about it.

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