from what ive heard, pretty much all gibson basses suck. ive never really played one, but can anyone tell me really why there basses just... suck so much? i heard the gibson ripper bass was decent, but thats really it. ive also heard that there basses from way back[50s-60s-70s] were also decent. can anyone confirm this?
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It's not that they're bad, but modern gibsons neck dive, are over priced(like any gibson), and the tone is love it or hate it....there's nothing wrong with playing one, but most people don't like them.

The Grabber/Ripper is not included in the above statement...those are fine
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There are some okay, maybe somewhat decent Gibson basses, but you get could so much more for your money. Don't even bother.

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You can't take a guitar design, make it a bass, and have it be good. Thats pretty much the jist of it.

Actually the original TBirds weren't so bad....non-reverse ones don't neck dive like the reverse ones do. (all modern TBirds are reverse)

edit: ^ agreed, there are much better basses for the price. You have to really want a TBird and nothing else...a P bass or a T-40 can almost get its sound.
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quality has gone down at the Gibson factory. many of their luthiers cut way too many corners. ex. using a large hammer and unbent frets as opposed too prebent frets and slowly tapping the frets in to avoid internal damage to the neck.

they also refuse to admit any mistakes, including the 3 point bridge, which is known for flying off midsong. they also have weak necks in the guitars, which results in breaking across the truss rod.

in addition, they adapt the bodies of their guitars to make the said basses. this results in bad fret access (t-bird) neck dive (t-bird, SG) and muddiness due to use of the all mahogany bass (t-bird, SG, les paul bass).

they favor a type of pickup called the mudbucker among it's detractors, which is relatively inversatile and lacks clarity.

as a whole, Gibson in the bass world has mostly been a long list of mistakes. and they seem to be getting worse.
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