Update: fixed the vocals. they're actually tolerable now

So this is the first full song that I've recorded with lyrics and everything. I've only been playing guitar for about a year and a half...so I wasn't going for anything amazing in that department...just wanted a good song. And please keep in mind that this is all done on very cheap equipment.

Anyway, lemme know what you think. Thanks!

You can download it here (Megaupload):
With You Now - Michael Richardson

Or just listen to it here (UG):
UG - With You Now - Michael Richardson
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Dude! For a first recording it was really good. I was really surprised by the melody and the drums and how well everything was put together. It's got a catchy chorus, a nice bridge and a good verses. It was quite hard to hear what you were saying, but from what I heard it was pretty good. The vocals were off in places, particularly in the lower registers. So I'm thinking your higher register is more natural. But that song, at least for the melody and the way the vocals fit, I would say it's a keeper!!

Good job!


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alright, thanks guys! Just added some crit to the both of yours.

As far as the quiet vocals go...you should have heard them on the first recording! oh wait...they were terribly quiet......so I guess....you wouldn't...have heard them. But yeah, I re-recorded them for that version and by the time I got it put together I was just done. Didn't wanna perfect it...being a first recording and all. But yeah, I'm aware that they're probably a little quiet...I'll probably fix that some day.

And I thought I might be off-key a little on the verses. My ear isn't incredible and it sounded okay. I used auto-tune by antares (which I recommend, by the way) for all but the verses. Guess I shoulda used it there, too.

Can you guys think up any good criticism as far as style/theory/composition goes? Or the lyrics? One thing I tend to not like about my lyrics is how transparent they are. Did they come across as too literal? It does to me I guess because I know exactly what I'm writing about.
Awesome melody there, i really like the changes, only thing that didn't really fit in were the vocals, good lyrics but needs working on for the vocals, overall very good for a first one
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First thing I'll say is that the vocals could use some work, I'm not too fond of them. The chorus was nice, sounded a tad cliche but it's okay; the ending was good also. The guitars were absolutely fine for me, wasn't 'anything amazing' like you said, but it more than good enough. Pretty good job man, maybe try singing a little more powerfully and on tune hehe.
thanks enertia! I'm glad you were so critical. I went back and listened to the song (which for some reason I didn't do after I finished compiling it) and the vocals were wayyyy off. I used this auto-tune program and set it in the wrong key. stand by and I'll put one up that's totally re-touched
Sounds so much better man, your voice is actually pretty unique; quite low, it's interesting. The chorus is great, but what I think could make it even better is adding some harmonies for the long notes! Doesn't matter too much if you can't, but I reckon it could improve the song.
First off, thanks for the crit. Yeah, I liked this tune. The vocals were a bit hard to get into in the very first bit but once you really started belting it out it sounded great. Your voice is fairly unique sounding, it was cool. Lyrics were decent too. Overall nice job for sure!
I liked it, got tabs? XD

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What did you write first the intstruments, or vocals?
this song sounds pretty good...
the vocals were a little quiet in the beginning but in the chorus sounded great.

the song is actually put together very well for a first recording, and the chorus sounds good.
the tone for the solo didnt really sound very good.. and it was a little choppy.

but overall it was pretty good.

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I really did like the melody, maybe at times a little lower than what I prefer, but the lyrics are good either way. Seems like levels of the vocal is a little too high over the drums and whatnot. I like it though good stuff!!
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yeh stay to teh high end vocals, and sing it out more, the mic is way to compressed as well

good sound tho, a little cliched, but not bad, impressive,,,, good sound for cheap equipment, although the guitar sounds like its off GP lol
Quote by manwithplan

good sound tho, a little cliched, but not bad, impressive,,,, good sound for cheap equipment, although the guitar sounds like its off GP lol

Yeah, the acoustic guitar is just my electric played through an effects pedal with an acoustic setting. And the solo guitar actually sounded the way that I wanted it to.