I am wanting to get a new guitar. I have decided on what style already, I would like to have a Stratocaster of some kind. It does'nt have to necessarily be a Fender, but i want something with an Alder body. At this point i do not have a set price range(obviously its not going to be like 2000$ though) so im looking for many different options.

Now aside from this, i am wanting to get one with a scalloped neck. So far all i have seen with an option for a scalloped neck stock is Fender's YJM model, i would not object to this because it is a nice guitar, but i do not want to pay 1500$ for a name basically. So if anyone has experience with good brands of Strats that offer scalloped necks and could give me some ideas please post here or send me a private message.

dude...a guitar with a scalloped fretboard is gonna be expensive irrespective of the name...
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