I've been stuck on which tone I like better... :/ I want a versatile strat but I still want it to sound like a strat. I love his PULSE and Remember that Night guitar tones. The Pulse one is heavier though, which I like. So should I get a Mexistrat and put en EMG DG20 set in it, or Build my own strat with CS'54 or CS'69 pickups? I wanna play pink floyd mostly, but also a lot of classic rock and a good clean tone is a HUGE priority. What does UG reccomend?
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well, Gilmour uses EMG's so...
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You can get the David Gilmour strat pickguard with the EMG's in it.
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TS, what amp do you have

EDIT: posted your answer at the same time as me in that case, since you're getting a decent amp, carry on with your quest for new p-ups, check out rockmonkey, see if corduroyEW or w.e can custom make you some for your specs (there not even expensive really for custom pickups) He'll match them to your tastes
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^that's exactly why I have this problem. I also like the mid boost/scoop knobs on the emg set. Also my Amp will either be a Blues Jr. or an Orange Tiny Terror
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I'm in USA, I will have a new amp later this year and I know what all his gear and pedals are, I just need help with the P'ups guys. >:-(
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Well, why don't you wait until you get the amp? You can't know how your tone needs to be tweaked until you get the amp. You may find your tone is just fine with your current pickups, through the right amp.

I would take a look at the stuff at rockmonkeyguitars.com, personally. Great vintage single coils. The owner is also a user here, and gives a 10% discount to UG members.
I have daily access to both amps at a guitar store near me. I play on them using a Mexi Strat and a Big Muff, so I know how they sound.

I don't actually have a new guitar yet remember? So I gave to options in my OP, to build a guitar with CS Pickups, or to buy a Mexi Strat and the EMg DG20 prewired Pickguard. That was all I asked.
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can't go wrong w/ a mexi strat and upgraded pups...sounds like win. not to mention, it'll retrofit any fender parts if you ever change out hardware. i say mexi strat
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Yea but I really want a nitro finish and a V neck without spending more than $500, so I guess I'm definately gonna build a strat, but nobody has answered my question about pickups!!!
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Actually, I did give you a suggestion. I don't like what you're getting from Fender pickups for the price, and I don't think EMGs will give you what you want. A set of RMG pickups would be much better.

Wow, you don't even have the guitar yet? Jeeeez. You're getting ahead of yourself. Wait until you get the guitar, wait until you get the amp. THEN see if you even need to upgrade..
BTW, the Tiny Terror is a poor value in the US. If you're going to buy the head +cab, get a good combo that's going to have more headroom, like a Traynor YCV50 Blue or a Peavey Classic 30.