well to compensate for the mind numbing effects of my town, someone decided to have a hippy/redneck infested fair sort of thing every thursday of the whole summer. my friends and i usually walk down there because we never have anything else to do, and we've taken notice to these scary religious people that walk around trying to get you converted to Christianity. well a lot of my friends including me look like your typical satanic metalheads, so they seem to be attracted to us. now im not bashing Christianity or any other religion here, but they go to extreme measures to try to get you converted. for example, they have these papers that have the picture of a $20 bill on half of it, and on the other half it says something like "GO TO CHURCH BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO HELL". they fold these papers in half and drop them on the ground, you think "awesome i'm rich" but instead you get tricked into sinning or something. i could name other ridiculous ways they get you, but i already wrote a lot.

what are your views on people doing this?
i wasn't aware this sort of thing went on, personally.
but that's ridiculous.
i understand being faithful to your religion.
but don't try to press it on other people.
they have minds of their own.
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They're pieces of ****. Ignore them and take the money.

its not real money.
that's the point.
Collect a bunch of the bills, and try to buy something at the fair.

When caught, blame the christians.

Everybody wins.
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I guess that the rebellious, strong guy is more appealing than the guy who worships the ground you walk on and would take a bullet for you.

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Im pretty sure its illegal to make countrerfeit $20 bills. Report to authorities and profit.
you gotta love religious people who have no idea what their religion is about
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