i was thinming a peavy classic 50 212 or a fender hotrod deville 212 but i wnat to know what else i should look into at the moment i have an 18 watt marshall clone and as good as it is its nowhere near loud enough next to my buddys deville him on 2 is louder than me almost cranked to full its a good sounding amp i just need something louder.... any suggestions?
im looking for a cream/hendrix/SRV kinda tone and im looking to get something used preferably for like 250 too 300 i was looking on ebay and found a couple peavy classic 50s selling for around that
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Save up some more, and get a Hot Rod Deluxe and a Tubescreamer. Plenty loud; if you need more clean headroom get a blues deluxe.
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Save up some more, and get a Hot Rod Deluxe and a Tubescreamer. Plenty loud; if you need more clean headroom get a blues deluxe.

already have a tubescreamer =) thats a must for this kinda music i think anyways
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^Oh, he doesn't own the HRD. He has an 18 watter Marshall thingie going on.

i know, but he was 'thimning of a HRD' vs a Peavey C50 and i was wondering if a HRD was really that crappy for Cream?Hendrix?SRV?

generally i agree....and not threadjacking

but a deluxe with an OD would get that no?
Right now, I'd really like to recommend the super reverb at 45 watts. But it's out of your price range.

Here's what I would do: SAVE more money (I know it's hard but it's worth it!) and get exactly what you want. I would get a used Super Reverb. I would not settle for a hot rod or classic peavey. They're just ok, but you're going to want something else later on. I've been through it too many times.

Good luck
Fender , vox, and marshall amps... probably have the best hard rock tones your looking for.. and if you want good blues tones... get a fender or a cheap epiphone guitar

and screw distortion pedals.. just find an amp with good gain setting you like. most blues-rock guitarists just mix the right guitar and the right amp.
Either a Peavey Classic or the Fender will get the job done. The Classic 30/50 will get you the best OD, but it won't be an american voiced OD like you'd want for SRV. The Fender's cleans are nice, but it has crap OD. If you already have a tubescreamer, that could work out, but it still seems a little useless to get a 3 channel amp just for one of the channels. I really like my Ampeg Reverberocket for basically the same type of music you play. You'd REALLY be stretching to find it used in your price range, though. If you can stretch your budget a bit, keep an eye out for one, maybe the 1x12 reissue. I think it would suit you perfectly.
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its od really isnt crap. it can be crap when its really quiet though, and it is somewhat fizzy.
when you use a Tubescreamer over top of the drive channel, its sounds really nice.
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