Under the darkest moon, I see you watching me.
Cold caress of your fingers, I can barely breathe.
Hold on to that vision, before it fades again.
Make this up as I go, you're on your own my friend.
Deadlocked and guns all cocked, seems like my heart is home.
Slightly muttered under breath, you're the one that I will catch.
Flying over top my head, and sleeping in my bed.
Sword of fortune unsheathed, as you let the words slip.
I keep it in my heart, even when the beauty fades.
Clear it up a little bit, the end will never come.
Hold me close I'll open up, even when I'm not cut.
Spread my wings and fly away, we can never let this fray.

The wishful
The wish less
The hopeful
The hopeless
The broken
The broken

Well I'm afraid of what, of what I cannot see.
The greens and blues have always taunted me.
Golden and silver, no concern of which to me.
The forest of my imagination, collected, calm, and free.
Take the hand, the hand of a monster in arms.
Fleeing justice calms the hand, nothing short of death.
Bleeding from my orifice, the one in which I feel.
Start again with you, a start to stop appeal.
Free from the garden, that's where they lay their eggs.
Surrounded by companions, family, and friends.
I love you and you love me, the pressure in my head.
Hold me until I fall asleep, imagination spent.

The wishful
The wish less
The hopeful
The hopeless
The broken
The broken
Jeez, you are a poet. The flow in this is really good.

Some stuff is grammatically off but I think poets are allowed to do that. You know, semi-colon stuff. 'Free from the garden' and 'that's where they lay their eggs' should be separated by a semi-colon. But that's being overly 'nit-picky'

Overall, this is a pretty magnificent piece of work and I look forward to reading more from you. How long did this take?

Haha, that's mine below (if you feel like it):