sorry if this isnt the right place but i couldnt find anywhere better to put it

i have a peavey 5150 head which is a tube amp. i was playing the other night and all the sudden it was like it just started sounding less full. it wasnt as loud and didnt seem to be putting out so much. i hadnt touched anything and i dont know what caused it. if anyone has had this sort of problem before or knows what im talking about could you tell me what happened or how to fix it?
You might have blown one of your tubes. Check the back of the amp when it's on. Are any of the tubes red, gray, not lighting up, or just generally off-colored?

Try the usual, switch guitars, cables, no effects, etc.
i tried switching cables and no effects but i onl have one electric that works at the moment
the tubes seem to be glowing just like normal though
Are you using active pickups (EMGs, SD Blackouts, etc.)? The 9V battery required by those may have died, which would lead to reduced output as well. Changing to a new battery may help.
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if it's not tubes, there is another thing to check. those amps are notorious for having fx loop issues. The jacks are switching jacks, and they get dirty at the fx return which cause a problem like you're experiencing. See if running a regular instrument cable between the fx send and fx return brings back your volume. If it does, usually just a little electrical contact cleaner on a regular 1/4" lead plugged in a few times will clean it enough.
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