I've been looking for some time, and it's not there. Someone tell me what the hell kind of guitar I have, once and for all.

I bought this guitar before I could say I deserved it. I didn't know what it was. It was in one of those special "back rooms" where all the awesome expensive stuff is, often custom-shop. Looking back on some things the salesman told me, he was full of ****. He told me the S-1 swich is for "more volume" and he didn't really tell me much about the guitar. I got it for 1090, which is right for a Sienna Sunburst American Standard HSS. (overpriced from the start)

Anyway, on to business... this picture is the closest I can get to what mine looks like;

Except, I have S-1 switching and an American bridge, as you can see here;

As you can see, I've obviously replaced the white pickguard for a black one... it didn't come stock like so.

I have been able to figure out from the way the pickup magnets sit, the single coils are Tex Mex, which are kinda ****ty and standard on American STANDARD, but the bridge I have comes standard on American DELUXE, as well as the S-1 switching.

Written by hand on the inside of the back plate, by the tremolo tension springs, is "HSSO"

In essence, you could say its an American Standard with an upgraded bridge and electronics... or you could say its an American Deluxe with downgraded pickups, and without the fancier pearl inlays. Does that mean this guitar is a custom shop?

Anyone help me out? If you can't find it on the market, but you know what it is, please let me know. =D
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In 2004, the American Series HSS Stratocaster featured two staggered Tex-Mex single coils and a Diamondback humbucker and the two point American bridge.

They also gave all the American HH and HSS Strats the S-1 system.

I reckon your guitar is an American Series HSS Stratocaster in Sienna Sunburst from around 2004 (this configuration was introduced in 2003).
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