I have a pair of the Dave Mustaine Seymour Duncan Livewire's and was wondering how the Blackouts would sound compared to them. Just want to know if they sound much different because I really like my livewires but the bridge pick up cuts out all the time(not fixable) and need some new ones. I was thinking about emg's(of course) but I saw the blackouts and now they are on my mind as well. I'm leaning towards the blackouts but have never played them before. I do like the tone in all of the videos of them though. I like a full, warm aggressive tone.

I thought they were almost the same thing? If your bridge isn't working I'd say go for it. Maybe try to find just a livewire bridge on ebay.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Ok. If they sound almost the same(figured they did) I get them over emgs because i really love my livewires tone.

And about just buying the bridge I fure I'll just buy a whole new pair because I have the money and the livewires are both scratched to hell.

Any help from anyone else is appreciated btw. Preferably someone who owns blackouts.

The Livewires sound like a JB/Jazz set. The Blackouts are more agressive and metallic IMHO.