in college on tuesdays i have an 8 am class. so when i get up from it im tired from being up late the previous night since i never go to sleep early. after the class i go back to bed to nap for a while since im still tired but i repeatedly fall asleep for 10 minutes in which i manage to have a full dream that i completely remember and feels especially real even for a dream, and then i wake up but im even more tired to the point where i can barely move and i fall back asleep again in a minute. this cycle repeat literally at least 10 times before i finally get sick of it and force myself to get out of bed and this happened every time without fail on tuesdays after class, but it doesnt happen any other time i take naps like in the middle of the afternoon or before going out at night. has anyone else had this happen to them or know why this would happen?
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the same thing happens to me when im trying to go to sleep. repeatedly i will go into a deep kinda hypnotic state for about 10 minutes...kinda vivid....and wake up but i dont feel tired i feel like im ****ed up. its weird!
8 am classes? wtf? what were you thinking signing up for that? im a junior and i only did one class before 10 am, and that was ****ing ridiculous on its on
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i hate getting up early too but all my other classes are noon or later and i had to sign up for the class because that was the only time it was available, it kept my schedule at 2 days a week and it was a class i need to take for my major
When you are especially tired, such as after a late night and then waking for an 8am class, your mind can be so tired that you slip into a deep sleep very quickly. This can cause deep, real, vivid dreams. Since you are so tired, your body can keep falling asleep and this can repeat. Now why is it only Tuesday? Well Tuesday is the only day you are that tired from a late night/early morning. This is just what I can assume from my experiences. Extreme tiredness = your vivid dreams on Tuesdays.
i have that, but only when wanking just as i wake up...

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This often happens to me. I'll nap for several hours, but when I awake I'm groggy and light headed. I don't understand it!
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It doesn't happen often, but sometimes right after I snap out of a dream my whole body jerks. Its pretty damn scary for a second.