Yes, I meant to spell the title that way. The song is about sacrifice for what you believe in when no else wants to.

It takes a man to stand on his two feet
It takes a life for it to waste away
So how much can a man lose, before he's really lost it all?
We all have the fear, but who has the gall?

I will fall,
and feel the earth
I will stand,
and feel my worth
I will fly,
And recount my birth

And I declare,
And I declare

From the dust, I adjust my face
My lips part to the taiste of the blade
So what is persecution with my clean sleight?
Innocent at first stepping up to the plate

If I'm a martyr now, I'm a martyr then
I will die for what I beleive in
Take me instead!
It's all for Him
Take me instead!
It's all for Him
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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Oh gosh, I can imagine this would go wonderfully as a power metal song.
I would work on spelling the words you do mean to spell right correctly. But it's not a big deal, really, because you nailed the whole message down!!

You would be doing this site a favor by keeping your songwriting up because I haven't read a single piece on here like what you have here. It's very refreshing stuff.

That's mine below; it's a bit different from yours, haha. But, I always appreciate critiquing!!
Very nice. I was thinking thrash metal when I read it, but it would make a great power metal song also.
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The rhyming is irritating and way too over-the-top. The just bothered me the most. Content wise, it's boring. It gets the point across, but unless you have an interesting melody/harmony thing going on, I wouldn't listen to it.
Kinda drab from a fellow songwriters point of view. The message is overplayed in a lot of things today. Not a bad message though. You may wanna spend a little more describing to the listener whats going on.
Thanks everyone for what comments you have shelled out.
I'd like to point out, it isn't a metal song, but a radiohead-esque dark acoustic song.
I was unsure whether I was done with it at first because I felt maybe a bit more variety should be added in. You're comments affirm I should include more verses that add a little bit more variety to the story.
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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GuitarSymphony you are my hero!