I got this pedal: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ElectroHarmonix-Nano-Pocket-Metal-Muff-Distortion-?sku=150099&src=3SOSWXXB but I dont have the power supply thingy. On Musicans Friend it appears it says its optional, does that mean I need it, i got my new Crate amp today for my Bass and I really wanna play this thing (i have the pedal IN Hand) and im pretty sure I have an extra cord. Any help?
on the site it says a 9-volt Battery OR the AC adapter. You are going to need one of the two, so It seems you just need a 9-volt battery and you're set.
Sweet dude things soo much. But im guessing i have to unscrew it for the 9-volt battery? cause i dont see any opening for a battery to go into. Sorry for the noobish questions
I haven't used that pedal personally, but by the look of it I'm pretty sure you will need to unscrew the bottom. But thats only a minor setback.
Ok, here I go feeling stupid thinking im going to have to buy these cords (unnercesary) so I seatch my house for about 15 mins looking for a 9vlt Battery and and a screwdriver and you know what I find when I unscrew everything theres already a battery in it! I never thought of plugging the pedal in. But thanks for your help.
Well actually it depends on what music you play. It makes my bass alot better so I use it.
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and of course 2 guitar cables.
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