For some reason it wont stay level to the guitar, And Ive tightened the screws as much as possible, the string size is 9-50.

LOL, it just dawned on me, I never noticed that. Thanks, but is there a specific size you need, or is it one size fits all?
dude ive got 11s on mine and only 3 springs and my trems flush with the body. its only a step down but that shouldnt make that much of a difference would it?
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Man, im in standard tuning with 10's on my floyd, with 2 springs!

Somethings up there..

Edit - And its balanced perfectly!
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You shouldn't need any more springs, 3's more than enough for 9's in standard tuning...looks like there might be else wrong to me.
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I would take all the strings off, pull those two screws out a ways...and just basically start over...Those damned floyds can be a real pain sometimes...
Get some springs. Very cheap at your guitar store. That's what you need. Its not broken, just needs more tension.
get more strings/replace the ones you currently have . But you should take it to the guitar store and ask about it there
are you SURE you have the proper string size? that shouldn't happen at all with 9's, even if the bottoms are a bit heavier.

Perhaps your springs are starting to give? Im pretty stumped if the springs aren't faulty.
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