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dunno if this is the right section but here it goes:

i have an american deluxe strat, 3 colour sunburst, maple fretboard

i was thinking of putting on a blue moto pickguard which would set me back 40 bux or so- the only problem im having is deciding whether itll look good or not. the only place i can get it from is ebay so i cant just quickly check and decide.

i was thinking it may look dodgy having white pickups, knobs etc under the blue pickguard and whether it would suit the sunburst... opinions?

EDIT: heres my git and the pickguard i want below it

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I personally don't think that the blue pickguard (I just looked it up) on the lovely sunburst. The white pickups wouldn't really be a problem in my opinion, but I don't think it would suit the sunburst at all.
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I'm all for modding, but as syk3d said I dont think the blue would go. Black, white, pearloid and a few others go well with sunburst but block colours tend to clash. Personally I'd go for a black pickguard, it would go with the sunburst but contrast with the white knobs and pups, making it look not so standard and giving it an edge (if thats the look you want).
the blue pickguard want not fit srry.
edit:wjith the guitar i mean
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the blue pickguard want not fit srry.
edit:wjith the guitar i mean

erm yes it will
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don't do it! Blue and sunburst - urgh
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i voted yes but i didn't mean to that is the most beautiful combination of a strat: brown sunburst with maple neck. don't ruin it
are you colour blind? a blue pickguard on a sunburst strat would look terrible.
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Tortoiseshell pickguard would look nice, but blue?
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i don't think it would look good..........but i've been wrong before.
you can always change it back

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If you want pearloid, how about a toirtoise shell or the black version of that blue one?

Or what about mint green, IMO it looks lovely.

Or even black?

Blues a bit.. eww.. IMO.
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imo blue will look like ****. i think pearloid would look nice though.
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