We are in dyre need of a singer between the ages of 14 to 18 in or around central oklahoma.

Actual singing ability required (obviously). cool sounding, but still being able to to sound soft for softer songs. Anything from James Hetfield, M. Shadows, Adam Lazzara would be good influences.

Also, Stage Presence is a MUST! This would include things like moving around alot, interacting with a crowd (when we get one) and all other cool singer things, jumping around, being funny onstage...mic swinging would also be a plus. You wouldnt be all alone either, some singing and frontman duties would be shared witha guitarist, but we are looking for a MAIN vocalist here.

Overall variety in music tastes would also be a plus. Our sound isnt really defined yet, so we could end up being anything from Metal to Hardcore to pop-punk. KEEP AN OPEN MIND!

And obviously, we are in the writing process. So writing lyrics and making up vocal melodies would be a must. But everyone contributes on all fronts of the song writing, so you wouldnt be alone there either.

oh and screaming ability isnt required....but would be a HUUUUGE plus, we arnt looking to be a full screaming band, but somw would be nice.

If you are or know anybody vaugly resembling the above, PLEEEEASE PM me or contact me at larzhoban@live.com Im also on myspace:

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Ya, so if anyone lives in yukon or mustang i can come to you or you can come to me and we can jam and see/practice. / Bump
Well, I'm in Bethany, and I'm a bassist, but I sing too. Can't scream yet, but getting lessons here soon. kaseystarnes@hotmail.com to get ahold of me
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