This is a follow-on to Felo-de-se which centres around the bridge. I'm not a great fan of the title (Unique Love) so any recommendations would be good, although it must be in that sort of style. Hopefully it doesn't make my last piece have any less impact about it now you know what happens after the end. I've tried to keep the same feelings and kept a quirk in there which I can only assume was completely missed in the first one. Mwahahhaaahaaa.

The bridge, built on a foundation of sighs,
caught the lies and the liars as they fell off the edge.
And as he stood on the handrail, holding onto the arch,
cold against his fingertips, he could see the bodies
of those who loved and lost scattered on the rocks,
a macabre masterpiece. The artist never signed this piece.

He looked back at the street where what could have been
was nowhere to be seen. He needed a pick-me-up, but all he
ever received turned to be let-me-downs. Squinting,
he peered through the riverfog but the haze enveloped
the street, weaving its way in the cracks, choking the life from it.
An esprit de l'escalier is what people call a witty remark
that occurs to you too late. It has no antonym.

A thought struck him so hard he nearly plummeted.
He jumped back on to the roadway and followed a path down
the valley side to the riverbank. He waded to the rocks about half way across
and searched through the broken love. She lay in a white nightdress,
mouth agape, eyes oh so sorrowful, clutching my picture to her breast.
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