I'm not asking for myself--I have my guitar, am extremely happy with it, and don't want an acoustic anyway--but my sister is thinking about buying a Zager, so I thought I'd get the board's opinions. It's touted as being "EZ-play", which I gather means the strings are spaced farther apart than any standard guitar, the action is extremely low, and the frets have been filed down as far as they can possibly go without causing buzz. The benefits of this system are supposed to be that you hardly have to exert any pressure to fret the strings, and you have room so you're not bumping into adjacent strings.

Drawing on my impressive one day of experience playing a standard-spaced, standard-action, standard-fret guitar, I think I can already spot a possible problem with the Zager system. Yeah, wide string spacing would make chording easier in the short run, but once you can make chords in your sleep, narrower spacing will be more efficient--less movement, faster playing. I have extremely large hands and after one day of dedicated practice, I can play the four chords I was striving for clearly on a normal guitar. It was terrible in the beginning, but I can do it now with no problem--and now that I can, I'm glad the strings are narrowly spaced so I don't have to move so much.

I have nothing against an instrument that plays easily, but I do have a problem if what you're getting is easy short-term playing at the expense of long-term proficiency. That's what I'm afraid would be the issue with wide string spacing. Has anyone actually played a Zager, though?
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I have an acoustic that has a huge fretboard and the string are place far apart. Almost impossible to play chords on.