ok so i read all these threads and stories about how, your making your own custom guitar but for such a large price,$1000+, in this thread i will hopefully show you how to make your dream guitar for cheap, but still be quality, any part can be ordered from a more expensive reputable dealer but here is what i think is perfectly fine:
note- you must have a medium understanding of guitars

project Explorer
these are the specs i want,

pure white explorer
bolt on maple neck with original explorer headstock
chrome hardware
2 humbuckers (power rails)
floyd rose

ok so for the body i would buy it from kne guitars


Alder $129.95 Poplar $119.95
Ash $139.95 Mahogany $169.95

ill go ash as its the cheapest, or i could pick up plans and make my own for $10 at


now for my parts i just love


i am going to buy the maple angled paddled headstock for $33

i will also buy locking tuners, single locking floyd rose, knobs, strings, output jack for roughly $80-$90 delivered , ( my last delivery took 3 days, they sell strat bodies for 30 dollars which are excellent)

the electronics will be bought for $40 delivered.

and two white power rails pickups for $90 delivered.

so thats all the parts for roughly $400 dollars give or take depending on whether or not you have spare parts lying around.

all that needs to be done is shape the headstock with a coping saw and paint the body all white, aswell as the headstock, now the guy at kne guitars will route you any pickup or bridge style you want, i also have a fair understanding of finishing up making guitars so this is all fairly easy for me, i picked up a whole bunch of books from stewmac on the subject, and will soon have a wonderful custom white explorer, to compliment my black gibson explorer,
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