hey i live in india and guitars are pretty expensive here....damn........well to give u an idea.........ESP KH 202 costs 429$ on musician's friend and 700$ here........i might be visiting singapore in september or august and i was thinking was as most guitars are made there[indonasia] they might be cheap there.......ibanez, ESP, Jackson all are made in south east asia...........so should i buy mine from there??
you may still have to pay some duties and stuff on it when you bring it back...
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IMO, you should import from Japan.
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I'm from Singapore, and I have to say that the prices here are probably as expensive as where you're at right now. To give an example, a Blackheart Little Giant head+cab costs US$200 on Musician's Friend. Here, it's US$470.

Also, Indonesia =/= Singapore.
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