Poll: What Do You Like More. Pepsi Or Coke
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View poll results: What Do You Like More. Pepsi Or Coke
Pepsi - Yeh baby
27 30%
Coca-Cola - whoo hoo
59 66%
I Don't Like Soft Drink
3 3%
I don't drink These Flavours (Cola)
1 1%
Voters: 90.
It's not the ONLY one, seeing as its been done about 23523623236263125123653623623t23652wq235 times before
searchbar and coke
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coke will always win
at everything
it has a much more violent and manly taste
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Quotes from other UGers in your signatures that talk about how good you are suck donkey schlong.
Also, those are brands. Like Pepsi has Pepsi Cola, diet pepsi, pepsi ,max, cherry pepsi, etc. Coke has Coca-cola, diet coke, coke 0, Vault, cherry coke, and so on

So is it coca-cola, pepsi cola, or which brand we like better?
man i love coke!!!
i cant get enough of the stuff

...oh wait you mean the drink??
I cannot believe you spelt Pepsi wrong...
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that's just what they do.
there's probably humans doing the same thing.
quit being so paranoid.

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Go Apple!! Go Orange!! Go Banana!!

make way for grapefruit!

Coke. Especially Coke Zero. Because it sounds cool
LA Ice beats both. Cheaper, no sugar, tastes better.
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good god i hate pepsi
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Pepsi is disgustingly sweet. I will always prefer Cola but I don't drink soft drinks too often. If I had to choose a soft drink for a lifetime, it would be Fanta.
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