power slinkys or beefy?

power= balanced tone
beefy= warm

i dont really understand

btw, i dont really like 'bright' toned strings because i cant seem to get as nice a crunch from palm-muting and such as i can with the powers i normally use, thats why i switched

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id say beefys cos they rae the thickest, so good for the br00talz or metalcore, dunno if theyed be good for southern rock though
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I prefer the super slinkys
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Whatever feels most comfortable for you to play with. That is much more important than the small tonal differences between them; after all, your amp, cables, guitar body, guitar neck, pickups, pots, nut, bridge, picks and any pedals you might use all effect tone more than what strings you're using.
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Beefy's They are good for southern rock

Slinky's feel better though.
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when i say southern rock..i refer to southern hardcore

ESP EC-1000 *Vintage Black*
Orange TH30 Head
Orange PPC212-OB

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