I'm looking at getting a soundhole pickup and really don't know which direction I should go. I want to keep the price to under $200. Which types will produce better sounds, a removable pickup or a built in? What are the benefits of the magnetic types?

Here are the removeables I'm looking at (based off user reviews):
LR Baggs M1
LR Baggs M1A magnetic
Fishman Rare Earch Pro Rep 102, Humbucking

I take my guitar outside a lot, so I'm a little worried that the removable one over time could scratch up the soundhole. However, I am worried that having a pickup installed could cost a lot or the install process could damage the guitar. Also, I don't know where to read about the process or types of installed pickups.

Can someone give me some info on what I should be looking for?
I have the Dean Markley Promag Gold. It sounds pretty good but I don't have an acoustic amp so I have to crank my regular amp up to hear it.
I have got the takamine triax thingymabob in my Taylor and it sounds really very good. After trying a few dean markleys and a SD one, this was the most natural sounding one i could find. ITs held in place very tightly. I would reccomend this but its probably a bit out dated now but would be dirt cheap!!