Whenever I go from electric back to acoustic, the strings on the acoustic give me splinters or something in my fingers. After practicing with it for a few hours, when I rub my fingers they're sore and feel like I have little metal needles in them, kind of like fiber glass particles.

The feeling usually last for a couple days and is pretty painful. (I check them for splinters I can remove but can't see any!!!)

Is this normal?! Can strings shed little metal splinters, am I doing something wrong, or what the **** is that?!

Blah, sounds menacing.

Maybe a new set of strings might help
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They're probably just sore from practicing for a few hours.

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Yeh, I'd just change the strings. If that didn't work, I'd just get over it and keep playin.
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Life is too short to worry about this crap.


Oh, they're sore alright, but it's not your normal "practice for eighteen hours sore." It feels like pieces of fiber glass.

Small, isolated, tiny pin-prick islands of pain, which make the entire finger sore. I don't know, its the exact feeling you get after rubbing up against fiber glass. *sigh*
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id definitely change the strings then. did you buy them from a gypsy? lol

It's an Epiphone acoustic. Does that explain it?

Hahaha, I know its a cheapie, maybe it is the crappy strings.

No, not gypsies. Japanese *i think*
Dude you're getting metal splinters when you play your guitar?

Find some new strings!
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