Hi everyone I had a quick question. I've just recently started playing guitar and I'm learning how to read sheet music and understanding theory while learning to play. I have a lot of books and it seems the first thing they all go to is learnin the key of C. Like I pretty much know where all the root notes in C are on the fretboard but these books don't give a clear explanation on the importance of this key. I remember some people telling me on here that I need to learn all about it or whatever as it is important. Sorry if i'm missing something obvious but could someone clear things up? Thanks.
Key of C has no sharps or flats, so it's easier sightreading a song that's in this key.
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Key of C has no sharps or flats, so it's easier sightreading a song that's in this key.

he's exactly right.

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Thanks, I figured it had something to do with it involving all 'normal notes' ABCDEFG without any #'s or b's. I was just thinking there some some 'secret' underlying meaning behind it that everyone was hiding from me. Haha thanks a lot.

I've been trying to teach myself the guitar and really understand what I'm doing and the first thing I've been doing is trying to learn where all the notes are on the guitar fretboard. So If i want to play a E note followed by a G notes I can do it in many different positions.

I would guess that learning the C Major scale early on would highly benefit me? I get so lost in trying to figure out where to go next. Like I know about 15 chords and can play them decently, know some pentatonic scales and some other random crap but I just feel like I'm lacking direction. Suggestions on what to learn next?
A B C D E F G A are the notes of A minor.
C D E F G A B C are the notes of C Major
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Well, they are right. But I know I use that key when teaching beginners stuff because if you go ahead and teach them a key with sharps and flats they are more likely to get confused.
On piano, C major is all white keys.
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Well, the key of C is rather commonly used, that's why it's taught, but if you're a total newbie playing chords, G is more common.

On the flip side, the key of C is hard for a total newbie because it relies on using the F chord alot. D minor isn't the coolest thing for a newbie either.

But yeah most songs are in G, C, E, D, or A. If they aren't, then you can easily use a capo and play in another key. So learning these are pretty important.