::type I want to know the shortest song you have ever heard. why? because i have nothing better to do. Truthfully i know no short songs accept lullabies (blagh) but hopefully some of u guys do otherwise this thread is gonna suck

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out of control by rancid

but im sure they have a shorter one

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ALL by the Descendants.
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You Suffer is shorter
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Definitely 'You Suffer' by Napalm Death

doesn't that hold the record of the shortest song, i cant imagine anything being shorter
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I wanna be an alcoholic-NOFX
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doesn't that hold the record of the shortest song, i cant imagine anything being shorter

Yes, its the world's shortest song at 1.34 seconds (it's 1.3something seconds long anyway)
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i wanna be an alcoholic from nofx was short as hell about 30 seconds if i remember lol hmm ill try n think of more
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