In the beginning, there was the word.
And the word was... HENDRIX.
On the other side of the Atlantic was another word... CLAPTON.
And another - PAGE.
And yet another... BECK.
The list goes on...

In the 60's, a wave of guitar mania swept the world, fuelled by the electric screamings of gifted artists whose worlds had been opened by the advent of high quality guitars and amplifiers that had previously been unheard of. Bands like Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Yardbirds inspired youngsters all over the world to pick up an axe and follow their dreams, and the music world was never to be the same again.

Australia was no exception, and it wasn't long before the land downunder was reverberating to the sounds of The Easybeats, The Aztecs and countless other Antipodean rockers emulating their heroes.

As time went on, Australian bands and artists started to develop their own sounds, and today Australian music ranks with the best in the world. Like the rest of their Aussie brothers, WA musicians have produced some stunning music, and the depth of WA guitar talent is enormous, having reached audiences nationally and internationally.

Guitar Gods Behaving Badly pays tribute to this cornucopia of West Coast Rock by bringing together some of the best and most respected names in the WA guitar firmament for a celebration of the guitar, music and mateship as only they know how - to play, laugh, and generally get stupid while laying the audience in the aisles with their gifts - gifts they are only too happy to share with all who wish to listen... and even some of those who don't!

The US has G3 - Allow us to present A3...
Guitar Gods Behaving Badly!

Let It Rock!

Saturday July 26th 2008 @ The Charles Hotel, North Perth, W. Australia

The performers:


Graham Greene: Australian Guitar Magazine wrote (2007): "The Satriani of the South, Perth guitarist Graham Greene put together this brilliant album, all instrumental bar ’Fire In Your Liberty’, which features his wife Donna on vocals. As for the rest, Greene plays every instrument. Mixing soaring melodic ’80s-style lead with frenzied tapping, neo-classical displays of fret-wizardry, stabbing harmonics and talk box. Greene travels with flair and grace through a variety of styles, from ballads to metal and blues, and comes out the other side a certified rock god."

Through the 80’s and early 90’s, Graham was one of the highest profile guitar players in Perth. His stints included Flash Harry (’82 – ‘86) as well as the enormously popular & successful Melodic Hard Rock Band, Ice Tiger (’87 – ’92), gaining recognition in Australia, Europe and Japan. Graham continues to entertain people with his fretboard agility & melodic compositions while continuing to gain recognition world wide. In October 2007 “G” was Special Guest with his instrumental band at Steve Flack’s Guitar Heroes:Guitar Fest in Sydney & in January 2008 returned with his vocal band, Resonance Project, from a Vietnam Stadium Concert where they were invited to represent Australia to a viewing audience of 15,000 ppl and televised live to 6 million people on VTV1. Guitar heads and music lovers alike are reminded of the fun & expression of music and the feelings of exhilaration and inspiration only a Greene guitar display can achieve. An experience not to be missed.


Jamie Page: Taken from the Black Steel vault: “Jamie’s background includes recording with musicians such as the late, great Cozy Powell from Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Malmsteen fame, as well as writing credits with Queen guitarist Brian May. Jamie’s credits also include movie soundtracks & gigs with 80's New Wave Of British Heavy Metal era musicians Dennis Wilcox (Iron Maiden original vocalist) & members of 80's cult metal act, Angus McDeth and Perth’s own James Morley. Jamie has also had the pleasure of performing on the bill with such greats as Motorhead and Deep Purple.”

In Perth, Jamie is remembered for his ground breaking guitar work with seminal W.A. power metal act, Trilogy (with Jon Ryder & Pete Thompson), and later for his undeniable sound and force in power metal band, Black Steel. In 2008, Jamie moves into a new stage of metal with the current hotbed of players featuring Damien Petrilli on drums. A Page gig is most certainly an unforgettable performance from a Guitar Master and Founding Father of Perth Metal.


Gérard Maunick: John Ward of ‘Only Blues Music’ said: “Probably the best description I could give you of Gérard is that if Jimi Hendrix & Bob Marley came back in the form of one person, that person would be Gérard. I have rarely met anyone with the love of music & people that Gérard has. A truly wonderful & talented guy, who plays like a demon, just amazing.”
The Ottawa Blues Society (Ontario Canada) announced that in 2007 Gerard was a finalist at The Lakeside Blues Festival in Finland which has become one of Europe's biggest blues festivals. Gerard was voted the general public's favourite artist at the Festival.

Highly regarded and respected among his Australian peers, Gérard’s ability to mesmerize his audience through guitar and voice is a gift that any young, aspiring student of blues & soul should absorb first hand by witnessing Gérard’s magic live. For the music lover, if you ever caught Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley live, then you will have ‘some’ indication about what to expect & experience at a Gérard Maunick gig.
The pleasure will be all yours.


Perry Ormsby

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