It's not that hard technically, it's mostly alternate picking and legato. Learn it slowly and build it up to the speed it's played at
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For someone who's been playing for 6 years it's probably not that hard, but for 1 year I'd say it was a challenge. Once you get super used to pentatonic scales, as almost every guitarist does after a while, then you could probably work this one out no problem without tab, as there aren't many "what the hell!?" moments in it (the kind of thing you get with Zappa bass lines, and Vai guitar)
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lol at the comments on the video

thats some good ass drumming! LMFAO
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As pointed out above, the solo isn't that technically difficult.

I wouldn't say it's an easy solo, but it's not that hard either.

However, as with any solo, nailing it perfectly can be quite a challenge; there's more to playing it than just learning the notes. Things like timing, dynamics, vibrato, etc. are usually pretty hard to get right, but it are these small things that make the difference between a pretty average and a perfect cover.

The best approach is to break it up into sections and to practice them seperately, starting out at a slow pace so you can play it perfectly. Even in this stage it's important to watch your timing. When your still in the process of learning the notes, a good TAB can be helpful. When you've been practicing it for a while, try to rely less on TAB and more on the actual song itself for the smaller details.
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it's not really that difficult of a solo, it sounds cool but it's kinda easy to play.u just gotta start off slow and focus on ur picking, that's the only real challange of this solo. in general if u need to work on ur right hand practice alternate picking at a slow pace and work ur way up...
It just seems like a lot of wanking to be honest. The speed is the only thing that's hard.
not that difficult ,,, fairly speedy, practice and a metronome should help you get that down after a while
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well im having trouble with

the part that goes E 12h15p12 12h15p12 12h14p12
B 15 15 15

at 3:00
its at 120 bpm... i can barely play it at 78 bpm and it seems like it'll be a miracle if i can play it at 120
and im worried if i can even get my pulloffs to be audible at that speed-- i know for proper pulloffs you need to do that sideways flick thing with your finger (i can do this at slower speeds) but it seems hard to be able to do that fast
That solo is awful. it had no structure what so ever, apart from an expressive burst of notes in a pentatonic. Which is kinda cool.
I agree with Tom, its a lot of messing around really, not a ton of melodic emphasis there, so you could get the feel down I think with practice...I wouldnt worry about being perfect with solo like that, just the feel.
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That solo is awful. it had no structure what so ever, apart from an expressive burst of notes in a pentatonic. Which is kinda cool.

guitar world voted it 54 on 100 top solos...